Bag of unprocessed raw wool from our flock of Jacob and Cheviot sheep. This wool has been washed but not processed any further, making it perfect for carding, felting and/or spinning. Our sheep live very long and happy lives exploring the fields and woods around the farm meaning they may have picked up some small leaves and twigs still present in their wool.


It can also be used as a safe way to guard vegetables and flowers from unwanted pests like slugs and snails as well as being perfect for mulching or lining baskets and planters. 


  • Available in two sizes 500g & 1.5kg
  • Presented in a washable, organic cotton drawstring bag - the lanolin in the wool may put small marks on the bag which easily wash out. 
  • Raw, unprocessed wool
  • Black/brown, white or a mix of both fleece colours available
  • Each bag comes with a profile of which of our sheep the wool came from on a tag


Please note this is a natural product so the shades of colour may vary and the mixed bags might not contain an equal 50/50 ratio of each colour wool. 

Bag of Raw Wool

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