Baler twine is a farmer's best friend. It's strong, reliable and often found hidden at the bottom of a pocket, there even if we don't always see it, sometimes even used to fix things that might seem impossible to mend! 


Wear this bracelet to remind yourself that like the twine holding things together, you are strong and reliable. Or gift this bracelet to a friend or family member, reminding them that you are always there to support them. Farming can be an isolated and lonely life at times and the Farmer's Friend bracelet is a great way to show someone* you are thinking of them. 


  • Hand-Woven
  • Adjustable Size
  • Made from recycled polypropylene baler twine used around the 
    Evans & Moose Farm. 
  • Comes in a branded gift box with a card explaining the thoughts behind the bracelet. 
  • Silver Plated Clasp
  • E&M (Evans & Moose) Hand-Stamped Charm
  • Unisex


*While these have been made with farmers in mind, we think they look great on anybody! 



The Farmer's Friend Bracelet

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