Feathers, Forge and Future Plans!

So it's been just over a month since we officially launched Evans and Moose! A month, all ready is crazy! To be honest, it's flown... time flies when you're ridiculously busy and loosing track of days due to a worldwide pandemic (that's how the saying goes right?!). Anyway, we thought we'd let you in on what we've been up to and what's been going on here as well as our plans for the near future!


Farm wise, we've got some new additions! One of our Maran hens, Raven, decided she was feeling a bit maternal and went a bit broody sitting on her eggs... a few weeks later we've got two tiny balls of feathers and fluff chirping around! The #chickens or tiny dinosaurs, are Ric's pride and joy so you can imagine how chuffed he is, and as the chicks are a Maran Silkie cross it's a bit of a voyage of discovery to see how they turn out. They've got the dominant genetics of both breeds, the Silkie black skin and five toes and are jet black feathers like their mum but we'll keep you updated as they grow. Our rare breed #Vorwerk hen, Riot (yes, she really does deserve that name!) has definitely taken the role of Auntie, she copes with the chirping for while but can't wait to give the kids back to mum!

The girls will slow down laying now as we go into the colder weather and the days get shorter (I don't blame them!), maybe even stopping all together as they adjust to the temperature change so eggs go a little scarce. This is the natural cycle, so it's best for us to adapt to it and leave the girls to alter with the seasons, keeping them healthy and happy! While their churning out the eggs in spring and summer, it's a good tip to crack four or five into an old butter container, whisk up and freeze them, then when you need them in the winter you can nip to the freezer, break each container full into four (each quarter is equivalent to one medium egg) and throw it in to your baking or any recipe that calls for eggs! Great time and money saver!

This years Jacob #lambs are growing nicely and will make gorgeous additions to our fibre flock with some long, thick fleeces. When we have our own property (some of you know we're currently squatters on the Grandparent's farm, bringing life back into their fields and buildings...), we'll be bulking out our fibre flock with some Herdwicks... Hannah's favourite breed! British wool is a wonderful product which is sadly overlooked... some farmers ended up with as little as 12 pence a fleece this year and yeah, the Great Plague of 2020 has definitely had something to do with the drop in prices, but so has the fact that a lot of people just don't think of wool as a useful product. Wool clothing is often crazy expensive and don't get me started on the price of a wool stuffed pillow... but there are other ways we can all use wool to help #supportbritishfarming and bridge the gap between farmers workload and what they get back. Next time you're looking at your allotment and veg patch thinking those weeds are getting a bit much... have a look around for your local sheep farmer and ask if you can buy a bag of raw wool! It's a great weed barrier, fantastic as mulch and tucks your plants up nice and cosy when the frost comes... if you want a bag, let us know! Consider wool as a sustainable insulation for your loft conversions or when you're doing up the shed.

We had a beautiful rug woven from two of our Jacob fleeces and two Charolais fleeces by The Pocket House Studio ( based in the Outer Hebrides, it's stunning, it'll last and it's showcasing people's talent and skill... what more could you want! Ok, I'll get off my wool soapbox now, but seriously though... #woolforthewin

The virus that shall not be named has also delayed things with the #Forge opening, but it's finally here, and will be burning bright within the next fortnight! To celebrate we'll be running a giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook @evansandmoose, so keep and eye out! It's a good 'un! That reminds me, 'Alexa, remind me to pick up some burn cream to have in next time I'm out shopping'...

With the opening of the forge and the dreaded C word getting closer (I've told you I'm not mentioning the virus, I meant 'Christmas', what were you thinking?! Rude...), we'll also be launching our online shop filled with products from the #forge, #farm and #flowerworkshop too which all being well, will ship countrywide!


Last but not least, we want to say thank you for the support so far. We're overwhelmed that within a month we've got #weddings booked and have sold out local flower deliveries fortnightly, web subscribers and hundreds of followers on social media and are building something we're really proud of so thank you for being there with us at the start!

I think you're all caught up to date with what's be going on here over the last month and a bit, we'll do another blog post soon but now I have to go and make sure Moose hasn't got somewhere he shouldn't, the sheep aren't eating something they shouldn't and the dog hasn't rounded up something she shouldn't... wish me luck!

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