Time Flies When You're Farmin'

Ok, so I might have underestimated how long it had been since we last published a blog post... I looked back at the date on the last one and was quite shocked to see it had been over a year! Sorry about that! Now we know getting your #business out there is a lot about maintaining a presence online in whatever form, but let's be honest, sometimes life is just too busy to document, too busy to allow you to stop and take stock of what's around you and this last year has been no exception for us.


We've had the pleasure of creating beautiful floral arrangements for Weddings that were postponed and postponed thanks to the old Rona, we've had life and death on the farm, muggle job changes (something's got to fuel the Evans and Moose dream... to start with anyway!) and run successful workshops to mark the changes of the seasonal calendar. I think that's where it comes from really, working with the #seasons and changing as they do does make the year pass quickly... Every season brings a different job on the farm (my back certainly knows it's coming up to shearing time with the sheep again... yay...) and the land gives us different foods (we're going to start sharing seasonal #recipes on our blog too... yummy) and #flowers every month, it's never the same but it sure does make it fly!

Winter saw land drains collapsing due to the amount of water followed by hours of digging them out by hand, endless hay feeders needing filling and the constant battle of keeping the sheep 'foot sound' in the wet conditions, but we wouldn't swap it... I mean, maybe the old little thing but you get the idea! In between all that was supplies of hot chocolate to keep us going, crisp, icy mornings and content bedded down animals all warm and sheltered from the elements. For every rough day in farming and in starting Evans & Moose for that matter, there's a great day too!

Spring has thrown us back into the floral side of Evans & Moose head first. We've had the pleasure of working with some lovely people to create stunning #wedding florals and opened peoples' eyes to the world of flowers for stress relief and mindfulness (sounds good? We run regular #workshops with this as a focus, check out our events page!). It means so much to see how much our flowers mean to people! It did also see Moose bugger up his shoulder and on small turn out for a month, but touch wood he's 98% there now providing he doesn't gallop around the field like an idiot again! Our #chickens are also clucking away happily, finally out of their own national Lockdown due to Avian Flu and enjoying the warmer May weather!

A few months ago we lost our lovely wether, Little G. He was a brilliant age for a adult sheep (the bread treats and ear scratches definitely helped with that) and went to sleep in his very favourite spot in his field after the vet assured us he was in no pain. Don't get us wrong, we're farmers and, as the saying goes, except that where there is #livestock there's deadstock, but he was one of the old cade lambs from over 9 years ago and was very much responsible for starting Ric's love of sheep and fuelling Hannah's addiction! But in typical farming style, two weeks ago we welcomed a set of triplet Jacob lambs that will stay on the farm to bulk our fibre flock, so the cycle carries on and another few months have past.


Now, I'm not going to lead you on or over promise! We probably won't post again for a while... the next few months are going to be chaotic to say the least. It's going to be a time of great change for us as a #family and a #farm but once things are settled it's going to be bloody brilliant, and will mean Evans & Moose gets bigger, better and can be the lifestyle business we so want for ourselves and to share with you! Hey, you never know, we might post even more, share the milestones that come in the next few months and wet your appetite to what's in the pipeline!

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